Day Summary – 28th June 2012

Today was a very long and exhausting day for me. Just a few highlights:

– Losing my visa card in the work lift. Then being lucky enough that the post woman found it and asked on every floor for me until she found me. Finally, something goes right for me! Maybe she’s my guardian angel (haha).

– A bit of a disaster night with technology at the gym, though partially self inflicted. Firstly, forgot to start my Polar HRM till after my warm up/walk/run so can only go from my usually inaccurate Nike+ calorie burn reading (it says 79 calories). Couldn’t get my iPod to sync Nike+ on the elliptical because apparently my iPod kept timing out. Then it happened again on the bike – it said my iPod was incompatible. Ahhhhh! So, I have one Nike+ reading, a chunk missing out of my Polar reading and a short fuse with my gym for never getting their machines maintained/repaired. Alas, I know I put the effort in and sometimes you’ve just gotta wing it without technology.

– Another upside of today: realising my smallest pair of gym pants are getting looser (these are the second lot I bought after my others became too big). And wearing a singlet out in public for the first time in years. Sure, I felt a little self conscious but i’m definitely happier with my body now that i’m working on getting into shape. I actually decided I like my shoulders tonight. I haven’t liked anything on my body in many years. Big big big achievement for me.

So, future self (probably the only person that will ever read this), look back on this moment as the first time in a very long time that you’ve found something positive to say about yourself.



About cassiedawson

Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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