Day Summary – 6th July 2012

I’m exhausted to this will be brief.

Today was productive, but tiring.

Almost got into a head on collision driving to the gym because as I turned a corner there was a 4wd driving towards me… on the wrong side of the road.. with no headlights on at night. Luckily since i’d only just turned I was going pretty slowly and avoided any sort of actual collision besides my hand on the horn.

The gym was okay, even though i’ve managed to hurt my hip so I can’t run at the moment. I didn’t want to let that stop me so I soldiered on and did whatever I could find that didn’t hurt for the hour and a bit.

Also got my food shopping done after the gym. I never learn that although the shops are nice and quiet at 7pm, it’s really hard to get your groceries out of the car in the dark with a driveway that has an incline so steep people are afraid to drive down it. I bought a lot of cleaner, healthier foods and bought a lot more ingredients to start making more vegetarian meals as i’m attempting to be less meat reliant. I was a vegetarian for around 5 years when I was younger and thinking back now, I almost think that’s where my lazy eating habits came from. I was too young to be decent at cooking and my family were usually cooking for themselves so a lot of the time I resorted to options like hot chips or vegetable pasties. At least this time around I am semi-decent at cooking (still lazy, ha!).

Also on the ‘done’ list for today/tonight was practising piano. I studied piano for 4 years when I was younger but gave it up because I thought guitar was cooler (I was 16 or so at the time…). Many years on and it’s still one of my main regrets of life. So this year, my boyfriend bought me a digital piano for my 21st birthday and i’ve been trying to re-teach myself how to play. It’s definitely a mixed emotions type of thing. It feels so good to get back to playing, but it’s also incredibly frustrating to be back at square one learning nursery rhymes and the very basics when I used to be so much better. Oh well. I will get there eventually 🙂

So much for brief…

Good night 🙂


About cassiedawson

Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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