First ever gym class – Fitboxing

Almost two weeks ago I discovered that my Anytime Fitness gym is one of the only ones on the Coast that doesn’t do classes. Typical. This does mean though, that I can go to 3 of the 5 Central Coast Anytime Fitness gyms and do classes for no extra cost. So, feeling adventurous  I dragged my boyfriend and his friend to a 6:15am fitbox class yesterday morning. Both of them are much more fit than I, not to mention a lot lighter. But I figured it was trying that mattered, and six months of working on my health and fitness had to count for something.

We were the only newbies in the class. 3 of us and around 12 pros who had been going so long they knew each other like friends. Eeep!

The first half of the class was okay. My boyfriend got partnered with the trainer/instructor and his friend and I got partnered for mitts and gloves style boxing. Though it was definitely a struggle, we made it through the first half of the class okay and still alive. Then the class moved outdoors and into a road run/boxing mashup (running around the local area, stopping at each intersection, doing a round of boxing then running on). My running skills are terrible. No point in hiding it. I have short legs, short toes and still being of a large size means my fitness levels don’t do well with such things. So eventually I fell behind and told my boyfriend (who stuck with me) to run ahead and partner with his friend so he wasn’t left waiting. The instructor waited for me to check I was okay but I told him to go ahead too.

Sure enough, once I was alone and walking rather than running, I vomited for a good block and a half. Clearly my fitness levels are no where near where they need to be. Though I laughed about it with everyone when I got back and still laugh about it, there’s a part of me that is super disappointed for ever letting myself get to this point. And it has also made me incredibly frustrated that even after working this hard, a simple run can still knock me over like that. I don’t know. I don’t want to be angry at myself anymore but it’s hard not to be.

On an upside though, I felt so terrible about the morning session that I went back to the gym for another workout last night. So at least there’s was some kind of productivity for the day.

Anyway, I really just needed to get that out of my head. Thanks.

(This was a really long post… if I could be bothered, I’d go shorten it. Thanks for sticking around if you’re still reading this haha.)


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Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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