Jamie Eason’s Chocolate Protein Bar Recipe

A while ago while I was researching protein bar recipes that actually taste like something more than oats and protein powder, I came across this recipe by Jamie Eason, fitness model and Bodybuilding.com writer. I actually read a lot of articles/recipes on the site (not just hers) and follow the workouts when I can.

I usually eat protein bars while i’m on the train home since it’s a two hour trip and if I don’t, there’s something like a 6.5 hour gap between lunch and when I get to the gym, and then home another hour and a half (at least) after that. Protein powders are a little difficult to transport and they never taste that great so bars seem to be a better option for me.

Anyway, the recipe is pretty simple and can be found here along with an instructional video by Jamie.

I’ve bought the ingredients and just need to get around to making them. I’m pretty keen to give them a try, hopefully the berry baby food gives them a nicer consistency than most of the heavy and chewy bars available in supermarkets.

I’ll post after I make them with photos, if anyone wants to see them since most of these things have a tendency to turn out nothing like they do when the pro’s make them (though maybe that’s because i’m a bad cook…)!


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Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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