Getting disheartened. Need advice.

I know I’ve asked for advice here before (usually to no avail) but right now I need it more than ever.

Today is the second weigh in day for the 12 week body transformation. I’ve worked my ass off this week, eaten clean/healthy (with the exception of Valentine’s Day, which wasn’t too unhealthy, and a piece of birthday cake on Saturday. I still have 13 kilograms until my ultimate goal weight of 55kg (the middle of the healthy range for my BMI). I started my weight loss journey at 82kg almost a year ago. So, why then is it I weighed in this morning to a loss of 100g?

I have been stuck at this weight since late last year. I have tried everything to shift it. Change in exercise, change in diet (I’ve eaten more new foods in the last week than I have since I was a baby), everything. Obviously this is getting frustrating. Seeing a 100g loss this morning actually made me cry. I’m tired of working my ass off and putting so much time/heart/effort into something and getting no results. I’m not even in the healthy BMI range yet (I know it’s not a great indicator of weight but it’s the best I’ve got)!

Where am I going wrong!?

The only things I can figure out that might me causing this are:

– lack of sleep: I work in the city and commute 4hrs a day to get there. That means I have to get up at 5am and don’t get home from the gym after work until 9pm. I try and get to bed by 10pm,  but I’m never asleep by then and even then that would only be 7hrs sleep. I work from home one day a week so I get sleep deprived 4 days a week.

– allergy/health reason: I’ve never had an allergic reaction to any foods, but perhaps I have an intolerance. I’ve also looked into PCOS online and discovered some of the (very broad) symptoms match my struggles. Reason I’ve never had it checked out? I’m afraid of doctors. Maybe I need to harden up and go.

– Genetics: I hate the idea of blaming genetics for something. People use it far too often as an excuse. If I hadn’t worked so hard, I wouldn’t mention it. My body shape is exactly like my mum’s. Short, stocky legs, wide hips, prone to having a gut. The only difference is when she was younger, my mum was a size 6 (tiny) and her body shape didn’t change until she had kids. I don’t have kids and I was born like this.

– prematurity: I was born 3 months early. I have a lack of coordination and small toes from it, but nothing too bad considering. I wonder if this could play a part in the puzzle of weight loss though?

So, where to from here?

I need to know where to turn for help. A nutritionist? A personal trainer? Doctor? I don’t have the time or budget to try every avenue. I’m going out of my mind though, so any advice would be great.

P.S. Seriously, thank you to anyone who actually reads this whole thing, let alone comments on it.


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Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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  1. Hello! Good job on working so hard – wow! Two changes have worked for me in the past. 1. Ease up on the intensity of your workouts. That doesn’t mean stop, it means keep moving, but focus on working out intensely only once or twice per week. Walk more. Or ride a bike. Or just do body weight stuff for a week or so. 2. Eat more. Don’t let yourself go hungry – don’t eat junk, but don’t go hungry. Good luck – you’ll get there! You just have to shake it up.

  2. My trainer is awesome! He has meal plans for everyone.. or

    Give him a try, and he is reasonable! 🙂
    There is nothing more frustrating than not seeing all the hard work and effort come to fruition! Good luck.

  3. Good Morning,

    I am so sorry to hear your story – I would be frustrated too, if I were you.

    I’d really like to see your food diary if you have one. (Do you use MyFitnessPal?).
    Maybe something’s a miss in this department? I’d love to help you out as best I can, but first I’ll need to see what you’ve been doing nutrition and exercise wise. I’m no expert – but any insight at this stage would be helpful right?


    • Hi! I do use myfitnesspal (Username: ccassiee). I’m following the 12 Week Body Transformation program at the moment that has a meal plan with it so most of my meals have been from that. I guess there is always room for improvement though! 🙂

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