Needed: More hours in the day

Same old story, really. I am freaking exhausted.

Not sure if i’m still recovering from 10 hours of standing in the mosh area at Soundwave on Sunday (might make another post about that later. It was amazing!) or if i’m just so tired from rushing around trying to get everything done for the 12WBT and still have any kind of life at all.

I’m kind of glad February is almost over. It’s been such a huge month for me with The Color Run, 2 birthdays, Blink 182, Soundwave and more! Definitely looking forward to a few quiet weekends and sleep ins. Shame I’ve already planned a full day and night’s worth of things with friends for this Saturday. Ah!

Weight loss wise, I had a small loss again this week but I measured myself and at least my measurements have decreased a little. Not sure if it’s because i’m so tired or if i’m just used to not seeing any significant losses, but it certainly hasn’t made me as upset as last week (see my previous posts). Definitely feeling very apathetic today. I’m just going to keep kicking along and I know if nothing else, my fitness will improve. Still considering switching over to the Lean and Strong program too, but i’ll give it more thought when I have the time (possibly never).

Hope you are all having an amazing week 🙂 x


About cassiedawson

Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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