February Review: Looking back on a HUGE month!

February was such a huge month for me that I feel like i’m only just starting to recover. Rather than putting together a gallery of all my instagram’s for the month, I’ve decided to just write a summary since I’ve been lazy with taking photos for instagram.


The start of the year is always big for birthdays amongst my family since we have 3 birthdays between the 29th January (me) and the 16th of February. That’s a lot of celebrating, and a lot of cake!

12 Week Body Transformation

A lot of cake can be a problem when you start a new eating/exercise plan just beforehand. I don’t eat cake besides on birthdays really, and outside of that my diet wasn’t completely terrible so I wasn’t too worried about eating a little cake. The 12WBT has certainly been the most time consuming event of the month though. The exercise side has been factored into my life for the last year or so, but the time I now spend preparing food has increased tenfold.

The Color Run – Sydney

Post-Run Photo Booth

Amazing. Loved it. I’ve already blogged about it and i’m sure i’ll never shut up about it, but it was so much fun. I’ve already signed up for the Newcastle event on May 5th. Planning on running much more of it next time around and definitely not making the mistake of going without a water bottle again.

Valentine’s Day


My boyfriend set up and cooked a beautiful dinner for us complete with rose petals, wine, music and a cute card. Definitely the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.

Blink 182 sidewave – Allphones Arena – Sydney


It’s funny how sometimes you forget how much you like a band until you see them live. The show was incredible and i’m so glad I went. I even caught Tom DeLonge’s guitar pick after the show. Yeahhhh!

Soundwave 2013 – Sydney


Soundwave has been my favourite music festival for several years now. I used to go to Big Day Out as well but since the lineup quality of BDO decreased, the Soundwave lineup quality increased. This year, I spent 10 hours in the mosh area (‘D’ barrier) of stage 2a and 2b with my boyfriend and his friend. It was insane and I never thought i’d last but I did and it was an amazing 10 hours spent on the front barrier seeing some of my favourite bands up close.

Other assorted moments and events

Just because I did so many awesome things in February doesn’t mean the usual necessaties of life slowed down any. Aside from a few days of annual leave, working and commuting is still a part of my almost-everyday life and i’m still trying to find time to see friends and family regularly. Life is full on, but it’s better to lead a crazy life than a boring one!


About cassiedawson

Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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