Belated 12WBT Post – Week 4 – Mini Milestone


Post Legs & Abs Workout – So thankful for my Skins Compression tights!

I know, I know, i’m late to update my blog AGAIN. Anyway…

For those of you following my 12WBT journey (potentially no one other than myself, close friends and family), you would know my struggles of late to lose any more weight. Well as week 4 of the program rolled around last week, i’ll admit I was a little less than happy with my progress and wished I had great results to be happy about like everyone else. I finally got around to redoing the rest of my fitness test tonight though, and i’ve definitely improved in most areas of the test.

As a summary, my measurements have changed as follows:

  • Chest – lost 4.5cm
  • Waist – lost 16.5cm (this is huge for me!)
  • Hips – 19cm smaller
  • Left Thigh – 2.5cm smaller
  • Right Thigh – 2.2cm smaller
  • Left Arm – 1cm bigger (might be from muscle growth though so i’m not fussed)
  • Right Arm – same size

Admittedly, i’m a little skeptical about the accuracy of my measurements. Those are some pretty big numbers gone off my waist and hips. I can definitely see a change in myself though, so maybe it’s just the pessimist in me telling me it’s wrong…

My Fitness Test stats have changed as follows:

  • Time Trial (1km run/walk) – 1:15 faster. I did this on the treadmill over the weekend as the gym was really the only place I could do it. I ran the hardest and fastest i’ve ever run though, so happy with that.
  • Sit and Reach Test – 1cm more
  • Wall Sit – 23 seconds longer (made the mistake of doing this after tonights workout. Ouch)
  • Push Ups – Same amount on knees, 4 more on knees (also done after workout when I was exhausted).

So this brings me to my next topic of diarising…

I have decided to give the Advanced Lean & Strong program a try. Up until now, i’ve been doing the Intermediate program of the 12WBT and though I do feel healthier and the tests/measurements show results, I want to push myself and get more results. So, for this week, i’m following the Adv. Lean & Strong program. I started tonight with the Legs & Abs workout. Let’s just say it was a struggle to get out of my (uphill) driveway when I got home! I’m so glad I conquered it though. It was easily one of the hardest workouts i’ve done in months and I didn’t even do the bare minimums. So proud of myself for being able to do the upper weight limits on some of the exercises.

I had more photos to upload but I guess that will have to wait for another post!

Hope you’re all kicking butt!



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