Review: Evolve WPI – Tropical flavour

Almost a year ago, before I really knew much about protein and supplements, I headed to my local ASN store to pick up some protein powder. I had done some research about types of protein (WPI, casein etc.) but hadn’t really considered flavours. I’ve never been able to digest protein shakes very well because of their texture – it reminds me of very very watery milk, which for some reason, I can’t stand. Anyway, I’d tried a few samples and brands if chocolate flavoured powders and decided I didn’t want chocolate for this textural reason. After all, chocolate water doesn’t sound appealing at all.

So I decided to get tropical flavoured powder thinking it would be more like juice and less like milk (of course these days I know better). Fast forward a year, and I still have over half a 1.25kg tub of the powder that I can barely stomach. No one would ever buy tropical flavoured milk, so why make tropical flavoured protein?

I might be alone in my dislike for this flavour, and overall I do like the quality of the powder. It mixes well and gives me enough fuel to power through my day.

tl;dr version: Evolve WPI itself is worth the money, just don’t buy it in tropical flavour if you have any tastebuds, at all (speaking subjectively, of course).

Where to buy: ASN

Last minute update: According to the ASN site, the tropical flavour is “discontinued limited stock”. Guess it wasn’t just my tastebuds!!


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Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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