Lately I have felt as though I’ve been lacking some sort of goal or clear path. I really think I am someone who needs a clear cut goal to work towards just so I can get some sort of accomplishment when I reach it.

Originally, I had a goal of getting to 55kg. Then I hit a huge plateau which I really still haven’t been able to get past, though these days I know that’s a bit of an unrealistic goal for my body shape.  So I think it’s time to shift into overdrive and push my limits.

Goal 1: Get to 20% body fat – part of me feels as though this is a bit of a stretch, but we’ll see. As I’m not really setting myself a timeframe, I will hopefully achieve this goal, even if it takes me another year.

Image from Nike.com

Image from Nike.com

Goal 2: Be confident in shorts – I love these shorts. I have never worn short shorts. Ever. This might seem like a weird goal to some, but I would love to be self-confident enough to wear these!

This will be me! Image from Tumblr - http://bit.ly/19O9z9k

This will be me! Image from Tumblr – http://bit.ly/19O9z9k

Goal 3: Do at least 6 reps of 45kg barbell squats – According to my bodybuilding.com BodySpace, my current 1 rep max for barbell squats is 43kg. I’ve never tracked squats I’ve done in the squat rack on my BodySpace and I haven’t tracked very many workouts through bb.com, so the data is probably a little off, but I think 45kg is a good number to aim for. This goal will probably take a while since there’s a huge difference between one rep and six, but you’ve got to reach for the stars!

So, onwards and upwards!


About cassiedawson

Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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  1. Awesome progress since i last popped in!
    I love that you haven’t let the plateau define you and let your progress end there.
    And that you have a SMART goal in the 45kg squat is epic too.
    If you youtube the ‘Agile 8’ by DeFranco, it will give you some seriously good warmup exercises for nailing that squat.
    Best of luck!

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