Preparation is key – How I pack for the day ahead

There's a few things missing from here (details below)

There’s a few things missing from here (details below)

I am away from home from 6am until at least 8:30pm everyday, so I have found that preparation really is the key to success. The following might not be the ideal way of doing things, but I am still learning and these are currently the things I pack for my work days.

I pack two bags – my gym bag and my work backpack (especially as a commuter, a handbag just doesn’t cut it).

Gym Bag


  • Gym clothes and shoes (currently wearing Nike Free Run 4.0 v2’s)
  • Towel
  • Spare water bottle
  • Headphones

Gym Bag Supplements

  • Preworkout – Bulk Powders Extreme NOX V3 in Wild Berry (I drink this as soon as I get to the gym before I get changed)
  • Postworkout – Muscle Pharm Recon in Watermelon
  • Protein Shake – Bulk Powders WPI in Honeycomb (I don’t always drink this. Really depends how I feel after a workout)
  • Gummy Bears (For replenishing Glycogen levels)

Work Bag


  • Homemade protein bar (the one above is Jamie Eason’s Lemon Protein Bars)
  • 2 servings of homemade nut mix – one 15g serving and one 30g serving
  • 1 banana
  • Large water bottle (the one pictured above is 1.5L)
  • Extra Dessert Delights 
  • Plain yoghurt (not pictured above)
  • Oats (not pictured above)
  • Chicken sandwich on wholemeal bread (not pictured above)
  • 2x natural cheese sticks (not pictured above)


  • SmartShaker – I love these. Mine has all my supplements and powders for the day:
    • Protein Powder – Bulk Powders WPI in Honeycomb
    • Optimum Nutrition OptiWomen Multi Vitamin (two capsules per day)
    • Bulk Powders Acetyl L-Carnitine (Alcar) (two capsules per day)
    • Bulk Nutrients Green Tea Extract (2 capsules per day)
    • Swisse Krill Oil
    • Coenzyme Q10 (can’t remember the brand)
    • Swisse Sleep (2 capsules before bed)
    • Dynamatize Creatine Monohydrate (5g per day)

Once I get home from the gym, I make dinner (usually steak and veg or chicken and veg). I have started taking casein protein (Micellar Creme by Syntrax in Chocolate) before bed as well, which I’ve found is doing wonders for my poor metabolism.

Another disclaimer: Like I said, this may not be the ideal way of doing things. You may have different opinions about what you should be taking and not be taking. This is what I have learnt works best for me. I’ve done a solid amount of research, but if you do have any constructive feedback, leave a comment and let me know.

If you’re a follower of this blog and have seen that I am currently following the Shortcut To Shred program, you may have noticed there’s a few supplements missing from my list (such as Yohimbe and Beta-Alanine). As I am Australian, there are several supplements we can’t get here such as Yohimbe, and I also can’t afford to ditch my current supplements and buy a whole bunch of new ones. Maybe once these ones run out i’ll look into switching it up a bit, but for now these ones are getting the job done!


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