Smashing it!

Leg Press PB - 125kg

Great news today on the fitness/lifestyle front!! Tied (possibly won) a supp review comp and broke two of my PB’s! And I even remembered to track my workout! Special thank you to anyone who saw my last post and voted.

So, the PB’s:
– Lateral/sled/plated leg press – 90kg (previously 80kg) – probably could have gone a little heavier but I talk myself out of it a lot
– Seated/Pin-loaded leg press – 125kg (previously 100kg) – did this at the end of the workout just for kicks (yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either)

I am in week 5 of Shortcut To Shred at the moment, though leg days are always a thing I like to go off my own knowledge and do my own thing. Leg and shoulder days are absolute favourite days!


I used to track every workout I did on Fitocracy. These days I can’t be bothered and’s tracker is a bit clunky for me.

So I’m going to put tonight’s workout here just in text form. If you’re going to mock my weights or me (either to my face or not), please slap yourself and get off my page. I don’t need negative people trying to bring me down. I might not be the fittest person of the best lifter, but I am trying.

Warm Up:
1 min elliptical – level 14 – normal speed
2 mins elliptical level 12 – sprint speed

Barbell Shoulder Press – 3×10 @ 17.5kg, 2×8 at 20kg
Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 3×8 @ 8kg
Upright Dumbbell Row – 3×8 @ 8kg
Leg Press (plated/lateral/sled) – 2×10 @ 80kg, 2×8 @ 90kg
Barbell Squat – 1×10 @ 30kg, 3×10 @ 35kg
Smith Machine Calf Raise – 1×10 @ 30kg, 2×10 @ 40kg, 1×10 @ 45kg
Leg Curl – 1×10 @ 35kg, 2×8 @ 37.5kg
Calf Press on Leg Press Machine – 3×8 @ 75kg
Leg Press (pin-loaded) – 1×10 @ 105kg , 1×8 @ 125kg

Cool down:


P.S. Sorry I’ve been a bit vacant lately. I’ve had a lot going on and lost motivation a little bit. Clearly back on track now though!


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Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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