Exercise Spotlight – Hyperextensions/Back Extensions

Hyperextensions/Back Extensions

Source: bodybuilding.com

Hyperextensions are actually one of my favourite gym exercises. I find it can really get your heart pumping if you can get some speed up without sacrificing form, or if you go heavy on the weight, it’s great for the lower back.

How to complete a hyperextension/back extension

  1. Adjust the hyperextension bench so that you can bend over as seen in the image above. The pads should be resting on your upper thighs when leaning onto it.
  2. If you are not using additional weight, put your hands across your chest or behind your head. If you are using a weight, hold it against your chest with your arms crossed over it. Some people also choose to hold the weight out in front or above them – I personally find it to be a more effective back exercise if the weight is against me.
  3. Inhaling as you go, bend forward. Don’t arch your back – keep it straight.
  4. Exhale as you come back up, again taking care not to arch your back or bend back too far.

If you don’t have a hyperextension bench, you can use a normal bench if you have someone to hold your legs, as seen below.

hyperextensions/back extensions - bench

Source: bodybuilding.com

You could also bend over a medicine ball, though it might not be such a great idea if you are balance-challenged like me!

More information on this exercise can be found at bodybuilding.com, livestrong.com and Expert Village.


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