Healthy Halloween Treats

Even though I am Australian and don’t celebrate Halloween, I can’t help but be sucked into the festivities a little bit. I’ve seen so many cute snacks and treats around that I thought i’d post a few here.

All links to recipes can be found underneath the images. All images are property of the recipe creators.

Mummy Mini Pizzas


These mini pizzas are made using english muffins, tomato paste, cheese, olives and shallots. These would be great on wholemeal english muffins!

Bloody Punch with Floating Hand



Fruit juice and cola make for an awesome blood coloured punch, complete with floating hand made from frozen water with green food colouring.

Snack-O’-Lantern (fruit filled oranges)



These would be great for someone crafty as I imagine it would be a very delicate task cutting the faces into the oranges. So cute though!

Melon Brains



How awesome is this!? This would be a definite talking point at any Halloween party. It almost looks too good to eat!

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