An overdue life/progress update

Hi, hey, hello!

This update is well overdue and but the last few weeks/months have been totally overwhelming! Lots has happened but I’ll try and keep this fairly brief since I’m not sure how many of you actually want to read about my life anyway 🙂

Firstly,  an important note on my blog – I will soon be moving off WordPress hosting and onto my own server. The blog will become and, as far as I am aware, my updates will no longer appear in the WordPress reader. Please, please, please go and follow my Facebook page or Twitter! I don’t want to lose any of you! On a sidenote, I have been collecting some of my favourite things so I can do a giveaway for the blog upgrade when it happens. It’ll be through Facebook and only for my fellow Aussies though since I’m not entirely sure what our customs/border patrol system allows and doesn’t allow (Australia is notorious for things being banned from import, I swear).

OK, moving on…

I am one week into Shortcut To Shred round two. I have to admit it’s been a struggle finding time for the gym everyday (I switched rest days to yesterday since I just ran out of time), but it’s super rewarding and I think I kind of missed people at the gym staring at me like I’m a crazy person for running in between every set. I am loving how quickly and nicely my shoulders in particular are shaping up and already feel stronger than when I started. I am doing IIFYM style nutrition/eating instead of the plan’s eating program just because, as I’ve stated before, I need the food choice flexibility. I am not someone who can eat chicken and broccoli day in, day out and I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with that provided I am still getting all the nutrients I need. I am tracking everything with MyFitnessPal and trying to make nutritious and thought out choices while still enjoying a meal out when I want (I couldn’t resist a good chicken parma last night with friends!). At the moment I’m still feeling pretty motivated towards the whole program in general, so it’ll just be a case of pushing on when I am feeling tired and unmotivated during the week.

I’m in the middle of packing my house up in preparation of moving later this month. It’s exhausting and very nostalgic going through all the things I’ve managed to hoard over the years, but I think I am finally making progress. Moving and everything associated with it has taken up a lot of my time and sanity lately, but it will be worth it once it’s all done and I am settled in my new place (about 45 minutes from where I am now). 45 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but for the most part it’s going to be a total life overhaul. Originally I was terrified at that thought, but now I really think it’s something I need. Of course, I am still going to be close enough to come and visit my nearest and dearest that are on the Coast since I’m not moving too far, so it has worked out pretty well thus far.

Apart from moving, I’ve gone through some pretty big life events lately. My headspace and frame of mind have been a little shaken, but  I am taking things one day at a time and taking time to nourish and mend my mind, body and spirit as much as I can. My schedule and lifestyle have definitely meant I have pushed aside the need to look after myself on more than a physical level over the last few years of commuting and trying to pack as much into life as possible, but I am definitely making the time for it now with meditation, yoga and just generally being more aware of my mental state rather than ending up completely overwhelmed and having a crazy bout of anxiety. I am still totally terrible on the yoga front and haven’t stepped out of my lounge room with it, but I’m hoping to get more into it once I move. There’s a few yoga studios in the Newcastle CBD (have you seen Yoga Loft!? It looks amazing!!) that I’d love to go give a go, so once I settle in, it’s on the to do list! Crossfit might also be on that list since there will be a Crossfit gym just up the road, but I still feel as though my fitness level isn’t good enough for that just yet.

I think that’s just about it for now! That wasn’t really brief at all, sorry! I’ll try and be a bit more regular with the updates, though it might get a little quiet here towards the middle/end of the month when I am moving. Hope you are all doing amazingly! x


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