Review: Bulk Powders Extreme NOX V3 Preworkout (Wild Berry)

I just found this review in my drafts. Not sure why I never posted it! The ingredients and formula for NOX V3 might have changed since I wrote this several months ago.


I received a sample of Extreme NOX V3 through the Bulk Powders Facebook promo and got such a kick from it I bought the actual product. I am a big fan of Bulk Powders and still use their WPI, however since Extreme NOX V3, I’ve moved on to a different pre workout.

Taste: Great. Not as “chemically” tasting as some other brands I’ve tried and the actual wild berry flavour was pretty nice. Tasted a bit like berry ice tea and not like a preworkout at all.

Effectiveness: When I first started taking NOX v3, I only had to take one scoop to get a good pump/kick from it. I seemed to build up a tolerance to it pretty quickly though and for most of my time using it, had to add extra to feel like it was doing anything at all.

Mixability: Good – only small bit left at the end if any at all. The “suggested use” instructions say to use 250ml of water, but I generally use about 400ml in my SmartShaker.

Other Points: Once I was used to the product, I added in some Dynamatize Creatine Monohydrate. The chunks mentioned in mixability weren’t from this.

Overall score: 6.5/10 . I loved Extreme NOX V3 when I first starting taking it but the effects wore off pretty quickly and it felt somewhat useless by the end of the packet.


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Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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