App Review: Smiling Mind (Meditation App)

Meditation is something I’ve tried to do at least once a day for a while now. It’s my way of taking a few minutes out of the day to relax, unwind and calm my mind. It’s pretty tough for someone like me who has a constantly racing mind, but practice makes perfect, right? A few months ago I started using an app called Smiling Mind. It’s marketed as being “modern meditation for young people”. It’s not something I use every day, but it was a great tool.

The app is well designed and is partner to the website, so you can track your progress and listen to guided meditation sessions online. It’s aimed a little more towards people who thrive with achievements and badges. You’ll get badges as you progress through the levels.

Smiling Mind is actually an Australian company with some great partners and sponsors including Reach OutCricket AustraliaDo and more.

The guided meditation sessions are great and super helpful for people just starting out with meditation, as well as people who prefer to be guided along.

Smiling Mind is currently only available for iOS (no android version yet!), though sessions can be downloaded from the website.

Screenshots below are from the Smiling Mind page on the App Store.


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