$100k Challenge Winners Announced

Every year, run a transformation challenge, inviting users to transform their bodies in 12 weeks for the chance to win $50,000 each. The winners for 2014 have just been announced, and for the first time, they were surprised with the results and prizes while at their local gym (video below).

The results have been surrounded by some controversy, with some people claiming the results weren’t achievable in the 12 week timeframe, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Male challenge winner: Matt Manning


Matt, a 45 year old engineer, went from 211lbs (~95kg) to 173lbs (~78kg). His body fat percentage was originally recorded as 26%, and is now 5%.

Matt’s BodySpace

Female challenge winner: Robyn Koolen


Robyn started her 12 week journey at 146.5lbs (66.45kg) and 22% body fat. She now weighs in at 131lbs (59.42kg) and 16% body fat.

Robyn’s BodySpace

My Thoughts

The transformations that Matt, Robyn and all the competitors have gone through are truly amazing. While there has been criticism (see: link) regarding the results, you can’t deny that these transformations could only have been achieved with dedication, patience and persistence. I would have no idea whether results as contrasting as Matt’s can be achieved in 12 weeks, so I don’t feel as though I am in any position to choose a side, however rather than place emphasis on that, I’d rather look at the positive side of this. The challenge has given lots of people the motivation to tranform their bodies and lives, and that is something I think is priceless.

Congratulations on your life-changing transformations Matt and Robyn!

To view the runners-up and more information on the challenge, visit the $100k challenge page. Watch the video below to see Matt and Robyn receiving their prizes.

My BodySpace


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