My Favourite Outdoor/Bodyweight Exercises

Earlier this year, I started doing workouts outdoors a few times a week. Before then, I’d only ever really worked out in a gym, unless you count that one time I tried a boxing/running class and vomited the whole way up the road…

Anyway, as much as I love heavy lifting, bodyweight exercises can be effective too, and are something I’ve grown to enjoy. So here are my top 5 bodyweight (outdoor) exercises, in no particular order.

Push ups

A classic move, the push up has a few different forms. Some of the most common would be the standard push up (on knees or toes), the tricep push up (or diamond push up) and clap based pushups. Of course, if you’ve got more coordination than I do, there’s loads of options you can try. For what is possibly the most exhaustive list of push up styles I’ve ever seen, check out Greatist’s list of “82 push-ups you need to know” here.

Feeling a little crazy? Try these…

Tricep Dips

I actually think tricep dips are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises you can do. Even after almost 2 years of weight training, tricep dips still have the potential to ruin me. It’s definitely a lot more comfortable to do these with a bench or step, but they can be done without one.


I definitely prefer weighted squats, but combined with cardio moves, bodyweight squats can be pretty effective in working your legs. If you’re bored of standard squats, try adding sumo squats or tip-toe squats to your workout. Squat pulses are also a great option to mix it up.

Inchworm with push up

The inchworm is an exercise I only recently discovered. I have been trying to practice it, but it’s definitely a killer move. I know there is a variation of this move that doesn’t have the push up, but where’s the challenge in that!?


Yep, the move everyone loves to hate. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny they are a great workout!


About cassiedawson

Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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