Into the home stretch: STS Round 2 Final Week


I had been meaning to post an update much sooner but I am laptop-less at the moment and updating via iPad or phone is just painful.

Well, I’ve almost made it. Today is day 34 of this round of Shortcut To Shred. That means I’ve got 8 days to go! In some ways it feels like the last 5 weeks have flown by, but it’s definitely been a challenging round. Actually, this week has probably been one of the hardest…

This time last week I had a big night. As a non-frequent drinker, when I do decide to have a big night, it really hits me hard. And this one hit so hard I lost all motivation to do absolutely anything besides drag myself to work for days afterwards. On Saturday morning I did a massive full body workout, made some healthier chocolate crackles (recipe up soon) and went to the party. The workout made me sore for days, which might have also contributed to my unwillingness to do anything. By Tuesday, I felt like the old Cassie had seeped back in and my old sloth-y ways had begun again. While some days I am exhausted and don’t feel like working out, it’s rare that I wholeheartedly don’t want to get up and get moving. And for a few days this week, I really just wanted to sit on my butt, eat and feel like crap. So, I allowed myself to have a break from the gym, and then picked myself back up, dusted myself off and got back into it on Wednesday. Sure, I missed a few days but I am counting them as “mental health days” and to be honest, I think we all need them sometimes.

Getting back into it on Wednesday.  (Source: instagram - cassiedawson_)

Getting back into it on Wednesday.
(Source: instagram – cassiedawson_)

The rest of this week has felt pretty good. Yesterday I broke my Smith Machine Standing Calf Raise record with 60kg (plus the bar weight, if you want to be technical) for 15 reps. I knew they are one of my favourite exercises for a reason. I’m really starting to see definition in my upper arms and shoulders too, which I am loving. I must say that Shortcut To Shred does amazing things to your shoulders (though maybe i’m a little biased as I love training shoulders).

Friday :) workout + song of the day

Friday 🙂 workout + song of the day


Stand by for progress photos next week! Up until now I have not wanted to post progress photos of muscle tone, but we’ll see 😉



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Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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  1. Omg your results are amazing! I’m so proud of your hard work! I have been hesitating about this workout plan only because I felt it was mainly directed towards males also, but now after seeing your results, I have never been even more motivated! Thank you! If you have an IG, I would love to follow you and your progress as I am also doing this for weight loss!!

  2. Hi Christine!
    I’m so sorry I never replied to you! This is the first time I’ve logged into my blog in a very, very long time! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear I’ve inspired someone! Did you end up doing the program? My Instagram is @cassiedawson_ – hope to hear from you! 🙂

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