Oh, hi there!

Hello! I feel like I have started every post lately with an apology for being so lazy with blogging. This post is no different! I really don’t have an excuse other than the motivation seems to have left me in the last few months. If I wasn’t sick in bed right now, this post may not have happened either. I’ve still been chipping away at my goals, but the blogging side of things seems to have taken a step back. Hopefully the motivation will return soon 🙂

Anyway, a little update…

I have been terrible and not posted any Shortcut To Shred progress photos and yet it has been somewhere around the one month mark since I finished! Oops! I have to say that I was somewhat disheartened by my progress this time around. I think I once again fell into the trap of comparing myself to others and expecting to look like the progress photos you see where the person is pudgy and pale in the first photo and a ripped, tanned god/goddess in the ‘after’ one. Bad idea. I have since (sort of) realised that 6 weeks isn’t enough time for a total body transformation like I’m after. The people in the amazing progress photos don’t have my body type, my body fat or my life. So, even though I am still disappointed in myself, here are my much less glory-filled progress photos from my last round of STS. Left is before, right is after. Not sure why anyone else seems to do the before photo on the right. So confusing.


The right photo here was taken around 2 weeks after STS.


Clearly I have no idea how to pose for photos…


After 6 weeks of hard work, you can probably imagine I was a little down on myself after seeing these comparisons, even though I have gained a lot of strength. I also have no idea how to pose for photos! But I digress. I mentioned my disappointment to one of my oldest friends, who agreed that 6 weeks isn’t a particularly long amount of time and that I should look back a little further. So I did:

Feb 2012 (left) vs. Feb 2014 (right)

Feb 2012 (left) vs. Feb 2014 (right)

Well, now that’s a bit more like it. I guess there’s a valuable lesson here about limiting your perspective. Never lose track of how far you’ve really come.

Looking to the future

Over the last few weeks, I have set myself a REALLY big goal, which will take place at the end of the year. I have signed up for Tough Mudder. 


I would be totally crazy (well, more crazy) to not know that the odds are totally stacked against me here. I am 160cm (which I think is about 5ft 3in?), uncoordinated and not even close to super fit. In saying that though, there’s something about proving the odds wrong that I absolutely love. There have been so many times in my life I have had to beat the odds and prove people wrong, so I am looking at this as another opportunity to smash it! 

In preparation, I have been cramming more cardio in (mostly HIIT) and practising exercises like pullups a lot more often. I’d love to find a personal trainer or coach that practices functional training around here, but so far all I’ve found is Crossfit, which at this point I’m not entirely sure is an avenue I want to head down.

If you’ve done Tough Mudder, I’d love to know any tips or tricks you might have, so please tell me them in the comments! 



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Cassandra (preferably Cassie) Dawson, from Newcastle, Australia.

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  1. Hey Cassie
    Welcome back to the blogosphere.
    Ever heard of the say that it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for friends and family to notice and 12 weeks for the rest of the world? It really does take 12 weeks for change to occur…and this isn’t even significant change.
    Good on you for realising and accepting that 6 weeks was not enough for your goals. I can see a difference in your thighs but I guess you wanted more.
    Get back into it! It’s taken me years to lose weight…check out my progress photos. Just updated them today
    Best of luck xx

    • You know, it’s funny, I think of that saying all the time! I guess some part of me had hoped that if I worked extra hard the results would happen extra fast! Ah, how silly of me. Slow and steady wins the race I guess 🙂

      You are looking amazing! Congratulations!! x

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