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Inspiration: Some of my favourite fitness Instagrams

I really love Instagram. It’s such a great source of inspiration and creativity and I can definitely say I use it a lot more than Facebook, particularly as a tool to motivate me to get out of bed in the morning when I feel like just sleeping in instead of working out. While we all know the big companies like Women’s Health¬†and Lorna Jane have some great fitness inspiration, below are just a few of my favourite Instagram accounts featuring real life and (mostly) unretouched fitspo…














@mshelllll – Michelle Davis

I love people with a great sense of humour and a simple desire to be badass. Michelle is definitely one of those people. Her dedication and attitude have made her one of the better known faces around Instagram and the fitness world.














@sugarandspice РGeorgina

Georgina is an Optimum Nutrition sponsored athlete who posts loads of great workout videos and tips.

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Recent Instagram Snaphots

Oh gosh, it’s been a while since Ive done one of these posts. Below is actually a few months worth of posts. Eeeek!

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Recent Snapshots: February – March 2014

Even though my posts have been few and far between lately, I’ve still been making progress and making the most of the time I have. Below are some of my latest snapshots, in random order! For non-fitness/heath shots, check out my instagram.

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Recent Snapshots – August/September

When I first started this blog, I used to do a monthly post with all my instagram snapshots. I stopped doing it a while ago, but I think it could be worth starting up again since I am a bit of an instagram addict and it’s definitely a big insight into my life. So here’s a few of my health/fitness/food related shots from the last month or so. All of these and many more here – cassiedawson_

November Snapshots – Instagram

Here’s a little peek into my life during November. You can follow my instagram at @ccassiee

I really need to post more often on here….

October Snapshots – Instagram

I think I might have gone a bit overboard with instagram last month!!

September Snapshots – Instagram

Another month gone and it’s time for another monthly instagram post! September was a lazy month for me in terms of photos and creativity. I didn’t use my SLR at all during the month, which is very unusual for me. Hopefully I can find my motivation and inspiration and get back into it this month.

My instagram account is @ccassiee . Feel free to follow if you’d like to see more random photos of my boring everyday life!

August Snapshots

Since my instagram doesn’t post here, i’m going to try and compile my favourite shots from each month and post them at the end of the month. So here’s a delayed post of my favourite August posts.

Recent snapshots – Mornings/Sunrise, Evenings/Sunset


I’m a pretty big photo addict. Even if I don’t end up using the photos, i’m probably taking at least 4 or 5 photos a day at the moment. Even though i’ve already posted a few of these photos over on my online creative portfolio, I thought i’d post some of the snapshots i’ve taken of my very early mornings and late nights here. I’m sure people are getting sick of my sunrise photos, especially those following my instagram (@ccassiee), but it always manages to take my breath away.

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